The first Robot Store to sell Biscuits appeared in Macau
release date:2021-04-28 13:06 author:admin click:3198

Today you can get the Macau classic Biscuits from a Robot Store in the Hong Kong - Macau Ferry Terminal, there is no need to go out to the street shop and wait a long and crowed line.

See the photo below of how this Robot Store looks like. Wow….


It’s not an old-fashioned spiral vending machine, it is a luxurious Robotic Arm, full of sense of science and technology.

    Slim body with large capacity

    See what you want to buy from the transparent window

    Oversized package is available to sell

    User friendly 21.5’’ interaction touch & display screen

    Cashless payment supports MPay/Wechat/Alipay.

    Say no to bend over to pick-up

    Easy to refill

More Robot Stores will come in Resorts & Casinos, airports etc. which will bring a much decent shopping experience for the clients.