SNBC will be participated in The 4th Digital China Summit will be held in Fuzhou, China.
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From April 25th ~ 29th, the Digital China Construction Achievements Exhibition as an important part of the 4th Digital China Construction Summit, was grandly held at the Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center. As a well-known provider of smart equipment solutions, SNBC brought our latest products and advanced technologies, namely "Unmanned Store" and smart cloud platform to participate.


" Unmanned Store " will unveiled at the digital event

How many functions can a set of intelligent smart vending machine integrate? In the SNBC booth, people will get a close look at the comprehensive retail automation service demonstration project launched by SNBC, which integrates shopping, emergency assistance, disaster preparedness management and other functions- Unmanned Store.


As a new generation of intelligent smart vending machine, " Unmanned Store " relies on big data, artificial intelligence and other means to provide users with online services and offline experience, BOPIS, and easy shopping.

" Unmanned Store " is equipped with a smart cloud platform, which can easily realize intelligent product scheduling and replenishment, better serve the citizens, and make shopping smarter and more efficient. Emergency supplies/vending machine usage information will be synchronized to the government affairs center, which is conducive to accurately sensing the needs of the citizens, as a smart city sensing terminal, helping to improve the efficiency and level of refinement of urban management.

The function of " Unmanned Store " is not limited to sell retail goods. In the specific area of the grid, it is equipped with various emergency rescue equipment and materials such as first aid kits, fire extinguishers and even AED cardiac defibrillators to provide timely rescue assistance for tourists accidentally injured or sudden acute illness, Providing nearby fire fighting and rescue services for natural disasters such as vehicle spontaneous combustion and fire.

From April 25th to 29th, SNBC sincerely invites you to visit and negotiate in the booth number 5C05 of Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center. At that time, SNBC will hold a wonderful launch event and invite you to participate.