Smart Logistic Solutions

Over the years, SNBC has been committed to the R&D of various business processes of logistics industry especially mail and parcel logistics and automation, and has provided overall solutions for smart logistics equipment. The company closely follows the development trend of the industry and provides innovative solutions for parcel collection, sortation and parcel delivery etc., and boosting express industry obtain high cost-effectiveness.

Informatized Parcel collection
Intelligentized Parcel Delivery
Mail & Parcel Depot Upgrade
Automated Sorting Hub
Automated Loading & Unloading
Large item sorting
Small item sorting
Courier Collection
Portable Waybill Printer
Desktop Waybill Printer
Industrial Waybill/label Printer
Automated Sortation
Extendable Conveyors
Parcel Singulator System
Cross Belt Sorter (Loop)
Cross Belt Sorter (Linear)
Smart Bulk Sorting Shelving
Wheel Diverter
Last-mile Delivery
Smart Parcel Locker
Refrigerated Grocery Pick Up Locker
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