SNBC:To Promote Unmanned and Less Personnel by Automation

Founded in 2002, Shandong New Beiyang Information Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as SNBC or “the Company”) is a listed company on the main board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 002376). The Company is a professional smart equipment and solution provider, dealing with smart banking, smart logistics, retail automation, health care, transportation and government affairs. SNBC provides global customers with competitive smart products, operation services and scenario-integrated solution.

Based on the core technology of thermal printing and scanning, SNBC commits to the innovation of informatization, automation, smart products and solutions. SNBC has been operating in depth and serving customers for many years. With its core advantages such as research and development, manufacturing and service, the company has built a complete industry chain from key basic parts, core modules to complete products, system integrated equipment and maintenance services.

Combined with the Company vision, SNBC has its strategic focus on the application of smart banking, smart logistics, retail automation and other industries. It uses intelligence and automation to promote less humanized or even unmanned industry to empower upgrading.

In the field of smart banking, SNBC provides complete set of management products and solutions, covering key parts and core modules or even complete machines, system integration and services. The Company closely follows the trend of branch transformation, rapidly innovates products and solutions, and devote itself to build a smart financial ecosystem based on "finance & scenes".

In the field of smart logistics, SNBC provides relevant smart logistics equipment and solutions around logistics informatization, automation and last mile delivery. The Company closely follows the trend of industry technology, accelerates "warehouse and distribution integration", and builds a full-scenario innovative solution of "automated sorting" and "last mile delivery" to help logistics companies achieve automation, intelligentization and digitization.

In the field of retail automation, SNBC provides intelligent, self-service retail equipment and solutions that are deeply integrated online and offline for various customers in the retail industry. With the help of "smart micro-market + cloud platform " innovation leading advantage, the Company closely follows the trend of smart vending, builds overall solution of operation management capability based on booth development, equipment management, supply chain distribution, data analysis, etc., to promote SNBC’s strategic transformation from a hardware equipment manufacturer to a service operator, and also SNBC works with partners to help the industry upgrade and develop.

In the thermal printing and CIS field, SNBC is a leading manufacturer and service provider of printing and scanning products in China. The Company actively explores new application requirements and market opportunities, and provides dedicated printing and scanning products and ODM/OEM services that meet the innovative needs of customers for the global commerce, catering, transportation, lottery, healthcare, and e-government industries.

SNBC brightens the future with technology innovation. With a professional R&D team of more than 1,500, the average annual R&D investment accounts for more than 12% of income. SNBC is one of the first national technological innovation demonstration enterprises and national intellectual property demonstration enterprises. It has established a nationally recognized technology center, dedicated printing technology and integrated national-local joint engineering laboratories, national CNAS certification laboratories and other R&D institutions. By the end of 2020, the Company had had 1,736 valid patents, including 449 invention patents (including 93 international invention patents), 147 software product registration certificates and 316 software copyright certificates; presided over and participated in the formulation of 26 national/industry standards; 41 items have been accepted at provincial level, of which 20 items have filled the domestic gap.

SNBC has large-scale production and manufacturing capabilities ranging from key parts of printing and identification to intelligent complete machines and system integration products. It has a leading production base of dedicated printing and scanning products in China and leading domestic and internationally advanced smart self-service equipment production. The annual production capacity of contact image sensors exceeds 5 million, and the annual production capacity of smart devices such as dedicated printing and scanning exceeds 1.2 million. Moreover, SNBC has invested in the construction of a high standard internationally advanced intelligent manufacturing plant for self-service equipment, with an annual production capacity of 300,000 smart self-service equipments.

SNBC has rich customer resources and built a global marketing service network. It has established close strategic partnerships with many internationally renowned companies and industry leaders and the products are sold to more than 40 countries and regions in Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific etc. Weihai City as the headquarters of service support and management center, SNBC provides fast and professional technical support and operation maintenance service guarantee for global customers.

Adhering to the business philosophy of "customer-centric and striver-oriented", SNCB will accelerate the research of smart automation related technologies, develop competitive smart equipment and solutions, strive to develop itself into the world's advanced smart equipment & solution provider, and put intelligent wings on customers' business success.