SNBC Achieves Another Breakthrough in Overseas Business, First Order from Exceeds Ten Million Dollars!
release date:2024-05-14 09:55 author:admin click:463

Recently, SNBC has made a significant breakthrough in the expansion of its parcel locker business. The company has successfully signed a "Purchase Framework Agreement" for smart parcel locker with a new overseas client in Central Asia. Excitingly, the amount of the first order following the agreement signing has exceeded ten million dollars, marking another important milestone in the internationalization of the company's products.


Holding the vision of "becoming a world-leading provider of intelligent equipment/device solutions," SNBC is unwaveringly advancing its international development strategy. The company actively seeks to understand global market trends in technology and business opportunities, continually expanding its overseas business layout. After years of development, SNBC's overseas product line has achieved comprehensive coverage from thermal printing and CIS scanning equipment to finance, logistics, retail automation and other fields Geographically, SNBC started with a strong domestic market presence and has gradually extended its business into more than 30 countries and regions worldwide. It has established a marketing and service network that spans major world regions, including Europe, the Americas, and Asia-Pacific, achieving a global business layout. By continuously optimizing its product line and actively pursuing regional expansion, SNBC is vigorously promoting its products onto the global stage, providing more advanced, efficient, and intelligent equipment and solution to customers around the world. This recent contract success with a new client in Central Asia not only further solidifies the company's position in the international marketplace but also highlights its robust strength in the global competitive arena.

Leveraging core competitiveness such as technological innovation and large-scale manufacturing, SNBC have launched a series of highly competitive products for different countries and regions, quickly meet the needs of overseas customers, and achieved excellent overseas business. In the fiscal year 2023, the company achieved significant results in its international operations, with operating income reaching $113 million dollars. Looking ahead, we are confident that our overseas business will experience further growth and become one of the important drivers of revenue and profit for the company.