SNBC Launched “High Speed, High Definition, Intelligent” Bill/Document Scanner - BSC – 3200
release date:2012-11-05 09:14 author:admin click:1747

With the rapid development of modern information technology, rhythm of people's living and working speed up day by day, and various industries require fast information entry and processing. SNBC (stock number 002376) gets insight into the market demand and leans strength to the high speed bill/document scanner - BSC – 3200.

Confronting the mass information data of finance, insurance, logistics, telecommunications, taxation and other industries that need to deal with, BSC – 3200 can help the front-line workers to process various scanning tasks, shorten business time, save customers’ waiting time and improve the brand image greatly.


The characteristics of BSC-3200 are as follows:


High Speed Double-sided Scanning

The maximum scanning speed of BSC - 3200 is 30 pages/minute for double sides and 60 pages/minute for single side in A4 format with colorful 300 dpi. Even the enterprises and institutions which need to complete heavy scanning task, such as express company or bank, BSC - 3200 can deal with them easily. The extensible function of OCR recognition can convert paper documents into digital scanning files for later usage. It may be said that taking little money to do many things!


High Definitional Image

BSC - 3200 series adopt contact-type image scanning system, that makes images are clearer and fine. BSC - 3200 greatly improve the technology of information recognition, and thoroughly resolve the inconvenience of the digital fuzzy image.


Easy Operation

BSC - 3200 has capabilities of automatic paper feeding and ultrasonic detection of overlapping papers, so it can effectively solve the errors of paper missing during scanning by ultrasonic technology. BSC – 3200 can realize office automation by the functions of OCR recognition processing and image storage. The whole process of scanning, classification, and storage can save a lot of manpower cost for the company!