• Magic cube sorting cabinet
  • Magic cube sorting cabinet
Magic cube sorting cabinet
Smart Cabinet Sorter combines manual handling plus real-time identifycation as cost-effective option to process small bulk parcels. It's a great option to apply in area where labor cost is still low or as supplement for automatic sortation.
Product Description
Specification Configuration
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Product   advantages

Easy   Bagging Design

Convenient   and fast for bagging


Man-Machine   Interaction, Simple operation, Easy training

One   click Bag Sealing

Once   bag is full, click button to automatically printer route label

Sturdy   and Durable

Dust   & Rust Proof, fully adapt to tough operating environment

Specification   Parameter

Light Indicator to reduce sortation error rate

Streamline manual sortation process with efficiency to 1200 items /h

Swift Combination to adapt to different site layout

Ergonomic design to reduce workload

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Note: The above product performance data is recorded by SNBC based on the controlled environment test, and the actual usage depends on the external environment.
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