SNBC Logistics Industry Automatic Sorting Solution
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The vigorous development of e-commerce has promoted the development of the logistics industry. However, manual sorting cannot meet the requirements of express companies for efficiency and costs. Under this background, the logistics field is developing rapidly.

As a leading provider of intelligent equipment/equipment solutions for the logistics industry in China, SNBC has launched a complete set of automatic sorting solutions by leveraging the company's rich experience and technological R&D advantages accumulated over many years in the logistics industry.

The large package sorting area is mainly a high-speed sorting area for all kinds of goods such as 0.3kg-60kg of bulky, heavy, soft and irregular package. This area is mainly composed of information recognition system and sorting module.


01 Parcel singulator

The parcel singulator is part of the automatic logistics sorting system, which can pre-process the parcels and automatically separate the parcels so that they can carried out in sequence


02 Six sided DWS

Six sided DWS is a product that integrates parcel measurement, weighing, six-sided scanning, image recording and other functions. The product is connected to the customer's software system through Ethernet, and updates the collected data to the customer system according to the request.


03 RFID reading system


RFID tag is added on the bag with parcels information once filled with small parcels from automatic sorting system in hub. The subsequent sorting process is sorted according to the RFID tagging information.


04 Swing wheel


Swing wheel is mainly used in the last mile sorting, installed at the rear of the DWS/RFID reading device, and sorting the packages according to the information on the waybill. The equipment supports sorting mode and flow mode, and receives sorting information, and realizes ±45 angles and straight-line parcel sorting.


05 Belt Conveyor


Belt conveyor is a conveying system used to handling parcels. It has the advantages of large conveying capacity, simple structure, convenient maintenance, and standardized parts.


06 Heavy goods static weighing system(SWS)


Heavy goods static weighing system is a static weighing product that integrates heavy goods measurement, weighing, reading and photographing functions. Mainly used in the logistics industry, it can quickly measure the volume and weight of the entire pallet and upload to the back-end system in real time to provide information for cost settlement, storage planning, cargo sorting and tracking, and transportation optimization.


Small parcel sorting area

Small parcel sorting area is specialized in sorting the parcel that less than 10kg. It is mainly composed of information recognition system and an automated sorting system.


01 Cross belt sorting system

The belt sorting system can read the information of the waybill, and sort the parcels quickly and accurately according to the custom grid. It has the characteristics of high site utilization, high sorting efficiency, and low error rate. It is widely used in express and e-commerce industries. Reduce manpower by 40%-70%.


02 Straight line sorting system

The straight line sorting system is aimed at the application scenarios of sorting for last mile delivery, integration of warehouse storage and parcel delivery , secondary sorting, letter sorting, head office sorting.


03 Smart sorting cabinet

Smart sorting cabinet uses a combination of manual and intelligent identification to optimize the sorting process, improve sorting efficiency and accuracy, reduce operator requirements, and reduce work intensity.


04 Handing Conveyor


The handing conveyor is mainly used in the loading/unloading of parcels to enter or exit the hub and these has request on handing distance with the sorting system. It can be lifted and retracted at the unloading area. Currently, it is widely used in the express industry.


SNBC can provide one-stop service for the whole process of the sorting hub. Starting from project requirements to plan and design according to the business processes, and guide logistics nodes through intelligent equipment and software systems professionally and scientifically, so that the project truly meets the customer’s operational characteristics, meets customer needs, and effectively solves pain points.


It is worth mentioning that SNBC "Straight line Sorting system “won the third prize of “2020 China Post Industry Science and Technology Award”. At present, SNBC automation sorting system has been applied to major logistics companies in China, effectively alleviating the pressure brought by e-commerce festivals such as 6.18 and 11.11.