SNBC High performance desktop label printer---BTP-3210E/3310E
release date:2016-06-20 13:48 author:admin click:2452

As the leading designer, manufacturer and service provider of thermal printing, identification as well as smart system integration products in China; Based on create value for our partners, SNBC is keep providing high performance products to increase customers’ business efficiency.


BTP-3210E/3310E model is such kind of product that widely used in logistics and factory industry to satisfy customers’ real label printing requirements.


Features of this product:

Ø  Direct thermal/thermal transfer printing

Ø  Innovative and small design, user friendly operation

Ø  Up to 102mm/s high speed printing with low noise

Ø  With large memory (64MB) and can preload more bitmaps

Ø  Easy paper loading, convenient operation

Ø  Support BPLZ, BPLE 2 different programming languages

Ø  Long TPH lifetime and high quality


High printing speed, low noise

BTP-3210E/3310E has 32-bit high speed micro CPU, can process the label data in a short time, so that can ensure the printer working under the high printing speed. Since adopts the thermal transfer printing technology, the printing result is clear and without creating the dust.


Wide format, small appearance

BTP-3210E/3310E has a small and nice appearance, place on the desktop, especially for the factory office.


Convenient operation, easy maintenance

BTP-3210E/3310E can load max. 127mm OD of paper roll, support max. 300m ribbon length, so that don’t need to change the consumables frequently; The overall unit adopts the module design and has the transparent window, not only can let customer to observe the consumables using condition, but also make the daily maintenance very easy. This increase the efficiency and decrease the maintenance cost.


Due to advantages above, BTP-3210E/3310E is very popular in overseas market, and is one of our most powerful label printers in the year of 2016.