The Fifth Meeting of the Second Board Meeting of SNBC was held
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On Mar 30th, The Fifth Meeting of the Second Board Meeting of SNBC was held in Weihai. The director of SNBC attended the meeting. And the supervisor and senior administrator attend the meeting as a nonvoting delegate.   

Y2007 is the fifth year since SNBC established. “Keeping Quick Increase” is still the most core of Management Object in 2007. Facing drastic market competition, SNBC will make great effort to enhance market share, the technical standard and integrative competition.

According to the review of Board Meeting, the Enterprise Vision and Enterprise Mission and Enterprise Strategy modified as follows:

Enterprise Vision: “to become International First Class of Manufacturer and Service Supplier in respect of Special Printing & Scanning Equipment “

Enterprise Mission: “to revitalize Special Printing & Scanning Industry and to promote modernization of society”

Competition Strategy: “to offer high quality product and service for customer”

Brand Strategy: “the First Band of China in the field of Special Printing & Scanning”;” Famous Band of International in the field of Special Printing”