With 20 years technology accumulation and more than 10 years innovation and development experience, SNBC has accumulated its own core competencies from Technical Innovation, Large-scale Intelligent Manufacturing, Customers Maintenance and Talents Gathering.
Technology Innovation >>

SNBC has mastered the core design and manufacturing technology from special printing and scanning key basic components, complete machines to system integration. It is based on the core technologies of "optical electro-mechanics" and computer software and hardware intelligent terminals formed after more than 20 years of continuous innovation, SNBC uses intelligence and automation technology to promote the unmanned and less humanized development of the industry, and energizing the upgrading of traditional industries with technology, and SNBC has become a significant influential smart device/equipment solution in domestic finance, logistics, new retail and other industries provider.

The Company insists on strong R&D investment and is the first batch of national technological innovation demonstration enterprises and national intellectual property demonstration enterprises. It has established nationally recognized enterprise technology centers, dedicated printing technology and integrated national and local joint engineering laboratories, national CNAS certification laboratories and other research and development institutions.

SNBC persists in "two-wheel drive" development model of technological innovation and market demand, and continues to increase the construction of technological innovation capabilities. It has successively established R&D branches in Japan, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an etc, and globalized R&D resources, continue to increase the construction of technical innovation talent team, the scale of R&D employee and technical level are industry-leading, actively focus on key industry areas, carry out product technology research, and innovate to form a software system covering key parts, components, complete machines, integrated equipment, the entire chain of complete product lines and solutions, as well as numerous innovative achievements and patented technologies, many products fill the domestic gaps, and some technologies and products have reached the international leading level.

SNBC has large-scale production and manufacturing capabilities from printing and identifying key basic parts and components to intelligent complete machine terminals and system integration products. It has built a leading production base for dedicated printing and scanning products in China and a leading domestic and internationally advanced intelligent self-service equipment/equipment production base, also built a high-standard internationally advanced intelligent manufacturing plant for self-service terminal integrated products.

The Company has built a global supply chain system and a complete quality, environment, occupational health and safety, hazardous substance process control and other management systems. These management systems are in accordance with relevant international and national directives, regulations, certification standards and customer requirements, it can effectively guarantee the Company provide fast, high-quality production and delivery to customers all over the world.

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Customers Maintenance >>

SNBC regards "Customer Maintenance" as an important business philosophy, relying on technological innovation advantages to in-depth research and insight into the general pain points and needs of the industry, market and customers, SNBC is committed to becoming an industry solution expert who provides complete and professional solutions and services for the customers and the industry.

SNBC insists on the competitive strategy of "quickly meet the diverse needs of customers". After years of intensive work in the industry, SNBC has won the trust of global customers and established close strategic partnerships with many internationally renowned companies and industry leaders, its brands and professional capabilities have been recognized by more and more customers.

In China market, SNBC has directly established business partnerships with major domestic banks, financial system integrators, well-known express logistics companies, e-commerce companies, industry operators, etc., and has established a national marketing channel network; in the foreign market, SNBC and many well-known international companies have established long-term partnerships and built a marketing service network covering Europe, America, Asia Pacific and other regions of the world.

SNBC always pays attention to the training of scientific and technological innovation talents, and has established a well-known young, international and professional R&D team in the industry. At present, SNBC has more than 1,500 R&D staffs, accounting for more than 30% of the number of employees; many technical leaders have received special allowances from the State Council, young and middle-aged experts with outstanding national contributions, and Taishan scholars special experts.

The Company has strengthened talent exchanges and cooperation with Tsinghua University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Shandong University, Harbin Institute of Technology and other universities. The middle and senior management and technical key employees have grown rapidly, and gradually formed an echelon of educated and young management and technological innovation talents.

SNBC has also built a professional and standardized technical support and operation and maintenance service team of more than 1,000 people, which can quickly provide technical support and operation maintenance guarantee services for global customers.

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