• 55'' screen vending machine
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  • 55'' screen vending machine
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55'' screen vending machine
A vending machine with super 55" LED screen
Product Description
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SNBC smart vending machine series has the characteristics of strong product adaptability, super LED screen, and high-quality shopping experience. Combined with SNBC smart cloud platform, it becomes a great assistant in the sales process.

Product Features:

- Super 55" LED screen

- Sales Adaptability: Tool-free adjustment of . The variety of goods sold can reach 80% of convenience stores

- Easy Maintenance: The accessories are modular design and easy to replace, which makes the maintenance efficiency high and cost low.

- Low Failure Rate: Adopt pure mechanical structure cargo channel

- High Space Utilization: Shelf-style design leads to higher space utilization

- Multiple preservation: uniform refrigeration, effectively guaranteeing the shelf life of goods

- High-quality shopping experience: do not bend over to pick up the goods, the picking experience is good; the robot picks up the goods, the goods are delivered smoothly and without damage; the noise is low, which meets the application requirements of special scenarios (schools, hospitals, libraries, etc.)



  (Refrigerated + Indoor application)


1300(W)*1800(H)*888(D) mm

excluding wheel or foot leveling

Cold rolled steel with powder coating


21.5''capacitive touch screen + 55''display screen

Communication   module

Wifi or Lan

Operation   system


Available   size for commodity

1. Max. Size: 220mm*245mm*130mm (W*H*D)

2. Min. Size: 40mm*40mm*40mm(W*H*D)
Note: It does not support the limit size at the same time.


Standard with 5 shelves +45 dividers & pushing plate max. of 6 shelves are available depending on commodity type

Power   consumption

25℃ ambient temperature 

Standby, daily about 100~200W depending on dispensing times

Operating   temperature

Standard operating temperature : 0℃ ~ +32℃

Operating   humidity

5%~75%RH (No condensation)

Operating   voltage

On customer demand




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Note: The above product performance data is recorded by SNBC based on the controlled environment test, and the actual usage depends on the external environment.
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