• BTCR-1100
  • BTCR-1100现金循环机芯2 20200426 (1).png
  • BTCR-1100
  • BTCR-1100现金循环机芯2 20200426 (1).png
Features: - High speed processing ability, up to 12 notes pe...
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- High speed processing ability, up to 12 notes per second

- Forgotten retraction function, retract the forgotten banknotes

- If the customer cancels the deposit, independent temporary storage mode allows the original currency returned to the customer.

- Self-counting function (all recycling cassettes can be calculated within 30 minutes)

- Double cash-out pocket design allows multiple application modes

- With sorting function

- Large quantity deposit function supports banknote non-stop feeding

- Large quantity withdraw function supports banknote removed in sequence from two pockets

- Up to 17,000 note capacity, with standard 1 retraction cassette, 4 recycling cassettes

- Both retraction and recycling cassette support one or two kinds of denomination

- Open and modular design, easy for maintenance





RMB:Version 1999/2005/2015, 1/5/10/20/50/100 denomination

USD:  1/2/5/10/20/50/100 denomination

Euro:  5/10/20/50/100/200/500 denomination

Pounds:   510/20/50 denomination

Real:2/5/10/20/50/100   denomination

Cash   Size

Length:  120-180mm Width:60-85mm


Deposit:  >12/S Withdraw: >12/S

Deposit   Capacity

With   shutter >300 (Equal to 600PCS new cash with thickness of 0.11mm)

Without  Shutter>500 (Equal to 1100PCS new cash with thickness of 0.11mm)

Withdraw   Pocket

>300   (Equal to 600PCS new cash with thickness of 0.11mm)


>300  (Equal to 600PCS new cash with thickness of 0.11mm)

Cassette   Quantity

1 Retraction Cassette, 4 Recycling Cassette

Cassette   capacity

Total  capacity 17,000 banknotes

Deposit  cassette > 3400PCS (New cash with thickness of 0.11mm), Recycling Cassette >3400PCS

(New  cash with thickness of 0.11mm)


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Note: The above product performance data is recorded by SNBC based on the controlled environment test, and the actual usage depends on the external environment.
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