SNBC shines at the EURO CIS 2019
release date:2019-02-27 13:25 author:admin click:8716

On February 19th, the European retail trade show –EURO CIS 2019 was grandly opened. The event was attended by 500 exhibitors from 29 countries and hosted more than 13,000 visitors from 94 countries.

SNBC, a well-known intelligent device/equipment solution provider in China, is an informatization solution expert in the traditional retail field. SNBC’s receipt log printers, bar code label printers, high-speed scanners and other products are as popular as ever. In addition to the products in the traditional retail sector, the Intelligent Pick-up Locker and Intelligent Parcel Locker showcased this time attracted the attention of foreign friends from all over the world.

SNBC Intelligent Pick-up Locker provides superior product adaptability and exquisite product display effects. At the same time, it combines the cutting-edge technology of SNBC to become a perfect helper in the sales process. The products on display have exquisite production technology, atmospheric appearance, and make the items display intuitive, stylish and exquisite. At the same time, their high stability, reliability and scene applicability improve the quality of convenience.

SNBC Intelligent Parcel Locker is an intelligent logistics locker with centralized distribution, 24-hour service, security and confidentiality. It can solve the “last mile” problem of express delivery for users. SNBC Intelligent Parcel Locker can improve the efficiency of delivery express, and avoid the security risks that the criminals can pretend to be couriers. At the same time, it also solves the problem that the delivery time of the courier does not match the time of the user's receipt, and it can protect the user's privacy, improves the efficiency, and provide 24x7 service.

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