SNBC participated in IBEX India 2019
release date:2019-01-28 11:25 author:admin click:4232

From January 23rd to 25th, 2019, IBEX India was held in Mumbai. SNBC took the new financial industry solution to participate in the event as a provider of smart equipment solutions.

IBEX India is the largest and most exciting event in the Indian financial industry. It is also the only comprehensive trade fair and conference in India that combines trade fair, banking techniques, equipment and services.

In this exhibition, SNBC took the financial industry solution as the main line of exhibiting, and exhibited the overall software and hardware solutions from key basic components, modules, and complete machines to supporting drivers and unified management and control platforms.

At the exhibition site, SNBC stands out among many similar companies with its excellent quality and good customer base, attracting customers from all over the world to compete for experience and consultation. Among them, SNBC’s bill processing, card scanning, document scanning, voucher printing, stamping and other functional modules have been the focus of customers with superior and stable performance.

SNBC has been deeply involved in the financial industry for many years. Based on its understanding of banking business and the customized development capability of core modules, it provides financial equipment integrators with stable and high-performance embedded application key modules to ensure financial self-service equipment stable and reliable, and help bank outlets to upgrading. At the same time, SNBC is committed to exploring the diverse needs of its customers. It can custom-made intelligent financial industry solutions for its customers, and create value for customers by achieving “Plug in intelligent wings for customers' business success”!