Professor Gao Made a Special Training on Strategic Financial & Growth Financing
release date:2011-03-31 09:23 author:admin click:1590

In the morning of Mar 31st, Professor Gao Jan, an Independent Director of SNBC, made a special training on “Strategic Financial & Growth Financing” in SNBC.Over seventy persons from SNBC and Branch Companies of Beiyang Group attended the training.


Mr. Gao graduated from Tsinghua University and achieved doctor’s degree in Tsinghua. At the present, he is the professor in School of Economics and Management at Tsinghua University, Director of Technoeconomics &Management Department. Professor Gao has given many valuable advices on innovation development of SNBC since he was appointed as Independent Director in the second Board Meeting of SNBC.


This training includes three topics: Strategic Financial& Objects, Financial Thought of Administrator, and Growth Financing. The training indicates the importance of Enterprise Development Strategy and the connection between Strategy and Financing. During this training many persons know how to make use of financial knowledge to accelerate the realization of Enterprise Operation Strategy.