SNBC POS Printing Solution
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The printer can realize the information description and receipt handling of items, and has a wide range of applications in life. Maybe not everyone has used a printer, but the printed labels are closely related to everyone’s life.


The receipts received when shopping in malls and supermarkets, the price tags affixed to the products, and the labels on the takeaway are all the results of the work of printers. The printer has become a standard configuration in the retail scenario.

For merchants, when purchasing a printer, the printing clarity, printing speed, and print head lifetime are all factors to consider. Choosing a reliable device is to add a capable "clerk" to the store.

Cashier Desk Scenario

At the cashier desk, the speed of checkout not only affects the revenue of the store, but also the customer experience. So it is crucial to configure a fast, high-quality, compact and durable printer.

Use 58mm printing paper, you can choose BTP-N56 printers, use 80mm printing paper, you can choose BTP-U60, BTP-N80, U80II and other printers. Not only the printing speed is fast, the printing is clear, but also it has the characteristics of small size, flexible application, and easy operation. It is suitable for retail application such as supermarkets and convenience stores.


The high-speed dot matrix printer BTP-M300 has a long retention time of printed characters, is not easy to erase, high speed and high reliability, can meet various needs of high-end dot matrix printing, and can be used in supermarkets and shopping malls.

Kitchen Scenario

For the catering industry, the kitchen is a place with heavy oil pollution, and it is also a place where the desktop is frequently used.

SNBC launched the BTP-R580II printer, a classic front paper out kitchen model. This anti-fouling and anti-dusting printer has waterproof settings, built-in power supply, supports super large roll paper capacity, and various printing effects.


In addition, there are BTP-N90, U80II and other different models to choose from.

Product Label Application

2 inches can choose BTP-NL58, BTP-L520 and other models. The 4-inch can choose BTP-L540. It not only has powerful label data preprocessing and cache processing functions, but also is small and easy to use, which can improve the work efficiency of the store and the quality of customer service.


For mobile printing needs, use the portable printer BTP-P33. This printer is designed with a built-in battery, which can be used without plugging in. It is also equipped with a large-capacity battery and a high-power charger.

Printers play an important role in the retail scenario, bringing convenience and efficiency to related workers and consumers.

The special printing equipment launched by SNBC for the retail industry, has links the business from the front hall to the back kitchen, from the product to the settlement with various of printers to empower the informatization and intelligence of the retail, and making every customer service smoother and more efficient.