Cash Recycling Solutions
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CRS Introduction

Based on SNBC's own core technologies, we support the global cash distribution infrastructure by providing cash recycling solutions. SNBC assist our customers to automate their cash processes to increase efficiency, enhance security and release staff to focus on the service they deliver.

SNBC cash recycling solutions keep machine with significant cash for longer periods of time, resulting in fewer unserved customers. Whatever your cash-management needs, our cash recycling machine deliver the functionality and flexibility to drive costs down.


Counting, sorting, denominating, detecting and validating cash automatically throughout processing


Intelligent 2-side detection provides unbeatable, accurate and consistent detection with proven dependability, superior performance and simple serviceability for high levels of uptime.


High performance feed of per transaction at rates of up to 12 notes per second to allow consumers to quickly complete their banking.


Relying on robust friction-pick technology to ensure accurate note separation and banknote transportation by light sensors that provide data for deep performance and issues analysis.

High Capacity

With the ability to hold substantial quantities of 17000 notes in cassette configurations that allow longer periods of autonomous operation.