SNBC Printer-Innovation is the Inexhaustible Driving Force of the Brand
release date:2023-06-16 14:42 author:admin click:747

Focus on printing technology more than 30 years, SNBC has taken innovation as the core driving force for development. Since the development of China’s first thermal print head (TPH) in the 1990s, the root of innovation has been deeply rooted.


In the subsequent innovation journey, the first thermal transfer printer in China was developed, and successfully entered the railway ticket market. The world’s first ID card copying machine was developed and launched, and began to enter the financial field. The first magnetically encoded passenger ticket printer in China… By using the products of SNBC to serve more industries, the thermal printing brand--SNBC has entered the sight of more people.


Now, SNBC can produce 20 million thermal print heads (TPH), 5 million contact image sensors (CIS), 1.2 million dedicated printing scanning and system integration products, and has thermal/dot matrix receipt printer, desktop barcode printer, industrial barcode printer, portable printers and other special printing product series, the products are sold to more than 30 countries and regions around the world.