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  • 金融解决方案

Solution for Banking Industry


During the update trend for smart bank branch instead of traditional branch, self-service, cut payroll to improve efficiency, strengthen the service  and competitive power becomes more important for the banks.

Take advantage of core technologies of printing, scanning, counterfeit detection accumulated in last many years, SNBC provide key modules and desktop products solution for smart bank, help bank update and achieve cost reduction and efficiency enhancement.




  • 产品名称

    Key module solution for smart bank

    Cashhandlingsolution     Cashhandlingsolution:ModularTypeTCR,allinoneUCRandmulti-functionallargeamountcashrecyclerCTM,functionsforself-servicebasedcard,passbook,certificateofdeposit.  Keymodulesolutio

  • 产品名称

    Desktop product solution

    Desktopdevicesolution   Takeadvantageofcoretechnologiesofprinting,scanning,counterfeitdetection,SNBClauncheddesktopproductssolutionforsmartbankattellerdesk,andbackoffice,helptellertohandlebusiness,inc


Successful Case

STM project for CCB in 2016

CCB headquarter launched STM project in 2016, authorized SNBC as exclusive provider  
for check printer module and check scanner module. 10K sets were used in the STM

Other SNBC modules such as receipt printer, ID card scanner, document scanner, stamp
were used in CCB STM project, too.