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Development Planning

Development Planning

SNBC will continue to adhere special printing and scanning products as our main business direction, by constantly enhance innovation, marketing, operatingcontrol and continual reforming ability to further adjust and optimize business structure, market structure and space layout. Except to consolidate anddevelop "endogenous" growth, SNBC also focus on cultivating and developing through capital operation method to achieve “denotative” growth ability,such as merger, acquisition, reorganization and strategic alliance, strive to achieve the vision of "to be the world‐class designer, manufacturer, and serviceprovider of special printing and scanning products”.

SNBCStrategy plan of 2011-2015

One Vision

The business vision of SNBC is to be the world well-known provider of smart printing, identification products, financial products, logistic products and solutions.

Two Methods

To consolidate and develop endogenous growth, focus on cultivating anddeveloping merging and reorganization, capital operation and strategicalliances to expanding denotative growth rapidly.

Three Adjustments

Actively implement the adjustment of business structure, marketing structureand spatial layout, carry out a reasonable layout for business combination.

Four Abilities

Concentrate on improve marketing management, technology innovation,operational control and continuous reforming ability.