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Company History

Company History

Start from 1986-1995

Key technology research and innovative achievements transformation

From mastered key technology to innovative achievements transformation, SNBC successfully break the monopoly of foreign company in the field of thermal printing and scanning marketopens the precedent of national special printing and scanning industry.

1988 Start to design the key printing component-thermal Print Head, the beginning of independent innovation established.

1990 Establish record technology center, start to develop Thermal Print Head (TPH) technology.

1991 The first Chinese TPH was designed, achieved the key component technology.

1995 1995 Set up a joint venture company-SHEC (Shandong Hualing Electronics., LTD), the sole designing and manufacturingbase of TPH/CIS in China.


Growth in the transformation1996-2001

Transformation from key component to complete product, key component value adding phase 

1996 The complete machine strategy was implemented, the beginning of thermal printer and CIS scanner design and manufacture.

1997 Establish printing business unit, designed “First thermal printer of China”

1998 Beiyang ticket printer implemented in railway industry, break the monopoly of foreign brand.

2001 Beiyang Group signed the first thermal printer overseas agreement to expand overseas market.

2002 Beiyang Group initiated SNBC by entire resources on printing and scanning technology, and starts to build the whole industrial chain of key components, complete and integrated products.


Rapid growth since2003

Industrial value chain expending and enterprise rapid development phase

Pursuing the rapid and sustainable development, SNBC was established with multi superior resources. After 10 years rapid expansion, SNBC has been the only Chinese company that owns the core design and manufactures technologies of key parts, complete printers and system integrated product, and has been capable for massive production of such products.

2003 Set up a joint adventure company –Hualing Opto-Electronics Co., Ltd in 2003, which reinforce the control on the upstream of industrial chain.

2004 SNBC Europe Marketing Network began to take shape in 2004, while SNBC enter into American market.

2005 Multinational merge Orient Technologies B.V. in Holland in 2005, controlling the distribution network in more than twenty countries in Europe and extend to the downstream of the industry chain.

2006 Move into the new “SNBC Engineering and Technological Research Building” in 2006, stride forward to the scale expansion and rapid development.

2007 Built Weihai Digital Technology Co., Ltd in 2007, extend to the downstream industry chain—system integration products.

2008 SNBC was authorized to be “National Authorized Technology Center”in 2008 by five national ministries and commissions.

2009 The Europe total assets branch company was built in 2009, managing the oversea business. SNBC Europe R&D base was built and oversea investment business was being developed gradually.

2010 Listing on the stock market on SME board in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2010. Through standardizing the corporate governance, promote the printer business developing well and sustainably.

2011 Built Suzhou ZhiTong Co, Ltd in 2011, developing the transportation related business.

2012 Science and Technical Park, Industry Park opened in 2012, intend to be the world class innovative center and manufacture base.

2013 Set up SNBC-Rongxin Technology in 2013, intend to promote the financial business. Merge Ansahn Bozong Technology in 2013, entering the note sorter and detector market rapidly.

2014 Set up SNBC-Zhengqi Robot company and move into the development of industry robot and other advanced manufactory technology.

2015 Set up a wholly-owned subsidiary SNBC technology services Co., Ltd. to be the platform of the company covers after-sales service in China.

2015-2016 Deliveried 20,000 sets of intelligent lockers for our cutsomers in residential communities, office buildings, campus and retail centers in China.