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R&D Platform

R&D Platform

Key technology

Apply more than 100 patents every year, including more than 50% invention patent; Obtain more than 10 software copyrights and software product certification every year;Hosted or participated at least two international, national or industry standards formulation 

More and more new technologies have laid good foundation for enriching product functions, improving product performance and expanding product line.

Hardware facility

SNBC now has more than eight hundred sets of various special or commonly used developing \ detecting\testing and processing devices, some of which have reached the international advanced level. 

Development and test equipment include various design software tool, simulation tool, altitude tool, measure tool, reliability tester, safety and EMC test devices, harmful substance detection devices, mechanical and climatic environment adaptability test devices.

The introduction of 3D printer, DMG three-axis and five-axis machining centershas improved the development verification quality and efficiency greatly. Now the parts for verification can be done in two days with the launching drawings.