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Environmental protection

Environmental protection

SNBC follows with the core value of environmental friendly development, insist on energy conservation, environmental protection and sustainable development. 



SNBC follows with various international and domestic environmentalprotection laws and regulations, through technical innovation andmanagement to achieve the purpose of environmental protectionand energy saving, to provide customers with high quality products,and put effort on sustainable development of environment. 

SNBC wish to save on energy of its own and also promote environmentalprotection of whole society, build up a “green product, greenenterprise and green earth”.

A complete environment management system

SNBC follows with core value of “seeking environmental friendlydevelopment with society”, establish a complete environment managementsystem involved design and development, supply chaincontrol and customer services. All products have passed the certificationof ISO 14001 and IEC QC080000. 

Throughout the life cycle of green environment protection concept

In product service and business activity, SNBC give fullconsideration on the requirement of environmentprotection, put green concept of environmental protectionand technology into the whole life cycle, constantlypromote the improvement of the production environment,reduce the environment load in the productionoperation.

Design: in the design process, give priority consider toenvironment protection and HSF material with lessenvironment, health and safety influence.

Purchase: in strict accordance with supplier controldocument, select qualified supplier, and influence theenvironment behavior of them. Meanwhile, put forwardoccupational health and safety requirements to suppliers.

Manufacture: to carry out production operation underthe goal of energy saving, low pollution, and chemicaldangerous goods control, do our utmost to reduce theenvironment load in the process of production.

Recovery: to cooperate with recycling factory, buildrecycling system and promote product recycling design.

Logistics: by cooperate and discuss with logisticscompanyto formulate the best transportation plan, reducethe environment load in the process of logistics.

To provide environment friendly product

The energy saving is one of the product designphilosophy of SNBC, put green elements into productdesign process, actively promote the greeninnovation technology into the application of thevarious products, provide “environment saving “and“efficient convenience” green intelligent productsand solutions. Paper saving control technology,material saving technology, ID card 2 sides printingtechnology, intelligent 2 sides’ thermal printingtechnology has been already applied to variousproducts successfully, release typical green productsand solutions involves ID card 2 sides printing solutions,2 side thermal printer, and width barcode/label printer, to help customer improve job efficiency,reduce operation cost, and also reduceenergy losses and environment pollution.

The case of green products and solutions 

Width barcode printer: Low‐carbon green, open up the precedent of heat transfer identifiertechnology
2 sides thermal printer: impress world with intelligent and protect earth with green philosophy
ID card 2 sides printing solution: technology innovation leads green trend of ID card printing