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Customer Value

Customer Value

Based on create value for customers, SNBC dedicates to supply extensive product line, rapid customized development, fast delivery, rapid technical support and after sales serve to satisfy customer’s demand quickly and efficiently.

Meet customer’s diverse demand rapidly

Fast, is the commitment that SNBC has made to ourcustomers. We dedicate professional products andalso provide faster response than the friends ofbusiness, and to achieve added service value in fastresponse.

From key parts and components to complete productsand system integration, from product solutionsto industry solutions, SNBC provides diversifiedchoices and one‐stop product combining scheme.

Throughout ‘fast response’ of market, development,producing and service value chain, SNBC has formeda ‘customer oriented’.

Pursue excellent quality

In strict accordance with ISO9001:2000 standard,SNBC has established a complete quality managementand control system involved in design anddevelopment, supply chain control and customerservice, and carry out a series of detailed methodsand standards for each step. Through managingthe standard to ensure whole process isunder control, managing PDCA circulation tocontinuous improve the quality managementlevel and customer satisfaction. 

SNBC is possessed on all‐round testing abilitywhich involves product reliability, environment,mechanism, safety, electromagnetic compatibilityand harmful substance detection; parts of thequality detection technology have reached internationaladvanced level.

All products are designed and produced accordingto related international requests andcertification.Major products have passed CCC, FCC/UL,CE, GS quality‐safety certifications; all productshave conformed to RoHS, REACH certificationsand ‘Electronic information product pollutioncontrol management measures of China’; allproducts power consumption and energy efficiencyparameters are in accordance with EU ErPdirective; many products have passed US EnergyStar certification. High quality standard makesSNBC gradually become to an honest brandwhich trusted by domestic and foreign customers.

Construct excellent customer service system

SNBC has built up a service network in China and foreigncountries, established system architecture which includescall center, maintenance center, district technology servicecenter, maintenance logistics center, and set up aflexible ‘3+1’service system to provide local service forcustomers in worldwide.

3 means centered at Weihai Headquarter, links 7 majorcustom centers and overseas main distributors, and authorizeddistributors of “three levels service network” indifferent districts; 1 means a service team provides professionalservice especially for major customers.