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Innovation system

Innovation system

The capability of independent innovation is one of the core competitiveness ofSNBC, and always be the priority guarantee in terms of resource investment.Having twenty years technology accumulation and ten years innovation development,we are now established a competitive R&D system and relativelyperfect technology innovation management.

Keep high investment in research and development

Since established, the average of R&D investment occupies more than 10% ofoperating income, the average annual growth is over 30%.

Establish management system of technology innovation

Based on industry advanced management system of integrative productdevelopment process, SNBC construct a product R&D mode of “marketingdemand pull and technology innovation push combination”, and graduallyestablish a perfect innovation management system to match.

Cultivate innovation talents

SNBC has been always pay attention on cultivate high‐tech talents. At present,SNBC has nearly thousand engineering technicians which occupyover 50% of overall employees, 20%-30% engineers has internationalization development skill.

Focus on protection of proprietary intellectual property rights

SNBC concentrates on core technology research on supporting technology,industrialization and applied technology in special printing and scanning field.After years of innovationaccumulation, SNBC achieves continuous breakthroughon designing, developing and manufacturing key components, completeproducts and system integration products, break the monopoly of foreigntechnology and product for many times, reach international advancedlevel. SNBC has now become to a great enterprise who possess the mostinnovation achievements and patents in special printing and scanning in China.

By end of 2014, SNBC applied 1200 patents in total, include 590 invention patents (241 international invention patents); 722 authorized patents in total, include 142 invention patents (28 international invention patents); obtained 77 Software Product Registration Certificates and 114 Computer Software Copyright Registration certificates.

Devote to industry standard research

Hosted / participated in formulating 22 national and industry standards intotal.The national standards of "Thermal Printer General Norms" and "Sheet‐fedScanner General Specification" were solely drafted by SNBC, and has officiallyreleased.

SNBC is also the chief drafting organization of "Label Printer General TechnicalSpecifications", which is also a national standard.

Hosted in formulating electronic industry standard "Thermal Print Head General Norms" and "Contact Image Sensor General Norms".